Saturday, 28 July 2012

Are you a dog or a cat person?

This is an age old question is one that I doubt I will have managed to change your mind on by the end of this blog post but it a nice topic to start with that I wanted to bring up.

This topic has raged debate for as long as debates have been going on and its actually so serious that ever form from your local pub to prime time CNN have addressed the matter.

For some people its a chance to simply state their favorite animal but others like to take if you are a dog or cat person and compare this directly with personality traits in an attempt to analyze you. For some its fun, some its serious and some its a matter of life and death

As with most things people are passionate about the question as to if you are a dog or a cat person seems to trigger irrational emotion in many but I wanted to address this with my own thoughts, I am neither a dog or cat person and I am an animal lover.

I fit in to the rare camp of been both a dog and cat person, I dont think one is better than the other and I would not argue, defend or go as far as passionately attacking either animal.

Animal extremists, as I like to call them, would be further sicked as they discovered that I not only like both I own both and they live in harmony and really get along with one another.

Heres the thing, if my dog and my cat can get along cant dog and cat people?

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